Anonymous: what is your ultimate body goal?

I honestly don’t really have a set weight in mind, I just think whenever I am healthier and can pull off clothes I really love and I am at my max confidence I will be good. I am already confident, but I have days where my body holds me back sometimes, or it makes me more self conscious. 

I have to say though, a body I really admire is Khloe Kardashian. I know that a lot of people wouldn’t consider her having a perfect body, and that’s okay to me. Khloe is about my height and I think that her body type is more realistic for me than say Candice Swanepoel. Yes, I love Candice and all the VS Angels’ bodies, and I reblog them frequently because they are serious inspiration, but at the end of the day I have to set a goal that is more realistic for me personally. xx

I did my morning 3 weigh in today!

I weighed in at 2.4lbs less than morning 1.

Yes, I’m sure some of this is water weight, but it’s still plenty enough motivation to finish out my little 17 day challenge to see how I finish out!

(And no, I am NOT under eating by any means.)

  • Society:You're fat. Get off your fat ass and get some exercise.
  • Fat woman:Okay, I'd love to. Let's get some workout clothes!
  • Clothing industry:Oh, we don't have your size. Fat people don't exercise so there's no market for it. Have some men's sweatpants and a man's t-shirt.
  • Fat woman:What about my boobs?
  • Clothing industry:We don't have sports bras for you either. There's a few specialty shops, if you want to spend hundred of dollars on a bra you're going to sweat all over.
  • Fat woman:I guess I'll just double-bra. Now, I need a gym membership.
  • Gym:Oh. Okay. I guess.
  • Gym member:*dirty looks at fat woman* *makes a big deal out of sanitizing anything fat woman touches* *complains to gym about having to look at fat people* *generally treats fat woman like shit*
  • Fat woman:I'm not comfortable here at all. Maybe I'll just go for a walk.
  • Passer-by:Hey, fatty! Don't crack the pavement!
  • Another passer-by:*condescending* Oh, it's so great that you're trying to lose weight.
  • Fat woman:I'm not. I just want to get in better shape.
  • Another passer-by:But you have to lose weight! You're so unhealthy!
  • Yet another passer-by:Mooooo! Look at the cow!
  • Fat woman:Yeah. I don't think I want to be out here anymore. Maybe I'll just buy some home exercise equipment.
  • Sporting goods store:Sorry. The weight limit on our equipment is 30 kilos less than you weigh. You'll have to lose some weight if you want to exercise at home. Have you tried a gym? Or maybe just go for a walk?
  • Fat woman:Yeah. Thanks.
  • Fat woman:...
  • Fat woman:I'm out of ideas.
  • Society:Haven't you lost any weight yet? Fat people are so lazy.
  • Hey guys! As of today I am starting a little 17 days challenge for myself. I have my dad’s apartment to myself for this amount of time, and I have written out a meal plan schedule and I will also be keeping an exercise log. At the end of these 17 days, I will let you guys know my results. I look forward to keeping track on this blog as I go through my little experiment!